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Dale Carnegie Training


A.PLUS Management Consulting Limited.png


1/F, 380 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


(852) 6647 2523



Company Profile:

Founded in 1912, Dale Carnegie has evolved from one person's belief in the power of self-improvement to a worldwide corporate training company. We provide training and consulting services to companies of all sizes to increase knowledge and performance. The result of this collective, global experience is an expanding reservoir of business acumen that our clients rely on to drive results. Dale Carnegie's focus has always been people connecting with people. Whether it be personal interactions, business engagements, or public forums – we believe in building positive relationships which leads to profitable results. 卡內基訓練創立於1912年,在80多個國家以25種語言提供企業培訓方案,效果顯著。我們致力於與合作夥伴發展企業人才,共同成長。
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