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5/F, International Trade Tower, 348 Kwun Tong Road, Hong Kong


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Categories of Products / Services Offered:

HR Outsourcing Service

Legal Issue / Employment Law / Tax 

Payroll / MPF / Pension / Retirement Scheme / 


Recruitment / Selection / Executive Search Publications

Business Nature:

Tricor Staffing Solutions (TSS) is an all-round human resources service provider. It provides a one-stop HR consultancy service that helps manage the employee experience through executive search, recruitment, hosting employment, and personal taxation. Grasping the nuances of businesses and the skillsets required, it strives to deliver results. TSS's executive search and recruitment network, coupled with deep knowledge of local employment regulations, help companies to identify and retain the most competent staff. Its track record in placements attracts some of the top talent in the market, enabling TSS to find the right people who can positively impact your business performance. Under its Professional Employer Organization (PEO) service, TSS offers a complete suite of staffing solutions. Its professionals will handle all the logistical tasks related to recruiting, onboarding, nurturing, payroll management, benefit administration, tax reporting and offboarding. TSS employs, manages, and nurtures individuals on companies' behalf, taking on the responsibilities that come under employer obligations as a co-employer so as to empower organisations to focus on business expansion.