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Inspire Yoga HK

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1803, 18-20 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central


(852) 91673376





Company Profile:

Inspire Yoga is the pioneer corporate provider of wellness, mindfulness and yoga programs in Hong Kong, with a team of 12 instructors we have been empowering workplace wellbeing since 2010. Our programs are curated to provide solutions to release stress, enhance energy levels, improve overall mood, deepen interpersonal connections and restore emotional to inspire lifestyle choices that are sustainable and pragmatic. Mind body connection, scientific paradigms and positive psychology are integrated to establish a supportive solution of holistic balance to the ever-increasing pressures of modern fast paced lifestyles. We offer onsite yoga classes, singing bowl meditations and a variety of wellness workshops to transform corporate cultures towards well-being through trainings in mental health, breathwork and mindfulness.

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