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Pacific Base Technologies Limited


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Unit 8, 19/F., 118 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong


(852) 3157 1778


(852) 3157 0969



Company Profile:

HRIS88 is an up-to-date Human Resource Information System using sound current technology with innovative designs. We have  more than 20 years of expertise in HRIS Systems. Core modules include HR, leave, payroll, time attendance and performance  management, intranet applications include ESS/MSS, iLeave, iAttendance, iRostering, iOT Approval, iAppraisal, and iClaims. 

Every company needs an efficient HRIS System like HRIS88 to smoothly comply with the latest labour regulations, MPF  interface changes, minimum wages, and to decipher working hours from attendance data. Paving the way for an efficient and  versatile workforce, HRIS88 can cope with complicated payroll and attendance situations with integrated hardware options. 

HRIS88 comes with expert HRIS consultancy and systematic project management. Our efficient customisation service makes  your HRIS88 System agile and resilient to changing environments.

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