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All-in-one HR Management System

By Cityray Technology (China) Limited (Sponsored Feature)

In this digital era, things are changing at a fast pace. In order to be at top of their game, corporations and the government alter their policies to suit the current market movements. By sticking to the traditional way of handling HR operations, it may pose a great amount of pressure on the HR department at the end of month, especially for those multi-regional corporations. Meanwhile, Cityray has the solutions to cope with these difficulties.

One-stop Intelligent Enterprise Talent Management Platform – iHRPLUS®

Cityray prioritizes “high flexibility” in the product design, as it is undoubtedly an essence for an enterprise to keep the leading position on the market. Cityray’s self-developed system platform, AQUA is used for agile development of various HR systems. The applications include setting various validation rules of each input field to avoid mistyping and managing various codes for each field for input. This is a series of “Dynamic” features which enable the system engineers of Cityray to configure instead of programming, and much of quality checking effort could be reduced so as to deal with the changing requirements.

Figure 1 iHRPLUS® Framework

By applying AQUA, iHRPLUS® enhances the timely efficiency and benefit of the HR department, achieves comprehensive online office automation and communication with all employees, and improves employees’ satisfaction in all aspects of work. iHRPLUS® consists of six core modules as below:

Organisational Structure Management is organised in a simple tree diagram. HR can view the number of headcounts, departments, and department structure of the chosen hierarchical level. HR can export the summary structure diagram and personnel reporting relationship diagram to assist Higher-ups in HR strategic planning.

Personnel Information Management manages personal information of employees, covering all details of their career cycles in the company. Scheduled reminders can be setup for regulated items, such as expiration of contracts/ qualifications, end of probation and more. Personnel data charts like demographics and qualification levels are displayed on the HR dashboard. During future business planning, higher-ups could take these as reference.

Compensation & Benefits Management is made up with two main sections, one is payroll management and the other is social benefits management. A full set of predefined payroll items and formulas is implemented in the payroll management and is closely integrated with other modules of iHRPLUS®, ensuring all relevant data are contributed to the calculation. With a simple click, the system accurately calculates all staff payroll and conducts pay analysis for budget and cost control. The social benefits management is a tool for staff welfare benefit design and control. The percentage of various contribution can be modified according to the policy change.

iHRPLUS® is compatible with statutory remuneration policies in Hong Kong, China and other parts of the world, saving multi-regional corporations from purchasing extra systems for different policies.

Workforce Management manages employees’ attendance and leave, ensuring all rosters are in compliance with regulations. The system centralized all attendance and leave records in the database and generated a calendar-style monthly attendance report. HR can configure various attendance and leave rules to align with corporate’s and government’s policies.

Talent Management manages the performance of each employee, a performance review questionnaire can be designed for each department. The questionnaire can then be transferred to corresponding parties for performance review and discussion. Scores can be centralized in the database and linked with payroll to implement the suitable pay strategy to the talent. During the performance process, training needs may be generated and be adopted to training module. Any training application, courses, results are managed in the training database for HR uses.

Business Analysis Management is an internal analysis platform, integrates various core operation systems’ date within the enterprise using Cityray’s self-developed API, Cityray Web Service (CWS). Various topic graphs and charts can be generated to assist in decision analysis, intelligent monitoring, and risk assessment.

About Cityray Technology

Cityray Technology was established in 1987, specialised in HR Tech solution providing services and expertise supports in the form of human resource management system, self-service system and workforce management system. As a market leader in Hong Kong and China, Cityray provides consultation on how Cityray HRMS, known as iHRPLUS®, fulfil Aisa-Pacific payroll and Employment Ordinance compliance. Our supporting centres cover Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou and Changchun. We have been supporting half a million of staff for monthly payroll and employee self-service solution from over 3,000 enterprises, with majority of them are listed companies and Fortune 500.

With the advancement of technology and digital transformation, HRMS is no longer a luxury product to SMBs. We look forward to serving you with our market-leading HR Tech solution and bringing your HR management to a higher ground!

For more information on iHRPLUS®, please feel free to reach us at or call (852) 2111 7111 to contact our professional consultant team.


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