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CLP Power Hong Kong Limited


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8 Laguna Verde Avenue, Hung Hom, Hong Kong


(852) 2678 8111


(852) 2760 4448



Company Profile:

Founded in 1901 as China Light and Power Company Limited in Hong Kong, CLP Group has grown from a Hong Kong-based  power utility into a leading investor and operator in the Asia Pacific Region’s electricity market. Its portfolio comprises over 60  generation assets of gas, coal, nuclear and renewable energy, distribution and transmission assets and retail operations. The CLP Group is owned by CLP Holdings, a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Engineering a Lower Carbon Future, CLP is uniquely placed to leverage its engineering excellence and successful track record  of over 120 years to deliver sustainable and cutting-edge energy solutions to customers in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area,  in our transition to a net-zero future.

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