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Advancing Humanity’s Growth andPublic Education through aComprehensive Learning Management Solution

By COL Consulting Limited (Sponsored Feature)

It is not unusual for companies to prioritise learning support for employees, but now many are going a step further and training and upskilling external partners, business associates, members and even volunteers through an e-learning platform. Hong Kong Red Cross (“HKRC”) established in 1950, belongs to one of the world’s largest humanitarian networks, has implemented a versatile and scalable Learning Management System (“LMS”) that supports various training modes, including online, offline, or blended learning, for both internal and external stakeholders, ensuring sustained service growth.

E-Learning Streamlining Administrative Workloads

The Cornerstone LMS has streamlined operations, delivering engaging courses more

quickly and effectively to students, volunteers and the general public. “Leveraging the

Cornerstone LMS, HKRC has significantly reduced the demand for physical classrooms and

streamlined administrative workloads, while enhancing class enrollment capacities. The First-Aid Certification Course previously mandated that applicants attend 30 hours of in-person lectures, translating to roughly 10 days travelling to the HKRC office. With the new LMS, users now enjoy the flexibility to access courses according to their own schedules from any location, ultimately attracting a growing number of participants,” said Mr. Calvin Ching, Head of Information Technology Service of HKRC.

Unified Team Efforts Ensure Project Success Amidst Constraints

In the face of challenges and pressure from COVID-19 during the project's execution,

HKRC, in collaboration with COL and Cornerstone, worked to navigate the tight schedule and geographic barriers. “The project was closely monitored and led by the experienced and knowledgeable Project Manager and Consultants, providing structured guidelines and valuable insights. I was wholly confident in our ability to meet the stringent production deadline despite the various unforeseen challenges faced during project implementation,” Calvin underscored.

A Trusted Local Partner Facilitates Customer Service Excellence

“We are pleased to have acquired the local support services from COL, a trustworthy

solution provider that we can rely on unequivocally,” said Calvin. “It is worth mentioning that COL local consultants are at the same pace with us without language barrier and knowing well our requirements and system configuration,” Calvin added.


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