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Employees’ Well-being and Mental Health Support Integral to Making Everyday Life Easier

Interview with Octopus Holdings Limited


Key Takeaways

·       Prioritising the holistic well-being of employees is essential for creating a positive work environment. Companies should focus on both physical and mental health, providing resources and tools to support employee well-being.

·       Raising awareness about mental health is crucial. Training programmes can help employees identify signs of mental distress and mitigate potential risks. Additionally, offering support and coaching to employees can contribute to their overall well-being.

·       During challenging times, effective communication and inclusivity are vital. Keeping employees informed, supported, and engaged through various platforms and strategies can foster a positive work environment and make everyday life easier for them.


"We strive to cultivate a positive and joyful work environment that simplifies the daily lives of our employees. We firmly believe that the physical and mental well-being of our employees is of immense importance to the overall success of our company."

- Connie Chan, Director, Human Resources & Administration, Octopus Holdings Limited

As a leading world-class tech firm, Octopus Holdings Limited takes a holistic approach to employee mental and physical well-being. “Employee well-being, both physical and mental is of the utmost importance to the company,” says Connie Chan, Octopus Holdings Limited Head of Human Resources & Administration. “It is important to focus on all aspects of employees’ well-being so they feel happier, healthier and more engaged,” Chan adds.

Pointing out that a holistic approach means providing support that looks at the whole person; Chan says the company provides employees with access to a range of well-being tools and educational resources. For example, the Octopus Employee Assistance Programme provides a 24-hour hotline with confidential professional counselling and consultation services. “We realise there are many causes of stress and anxiety, and what happens in one part of a person’s life can affect the whole person, therefore it is important to provide all-round care,” Chan says. The holistic approach to employee well-being not only includes wellness leave, but also a more flexible working arrangement of two-hours of time off to handle personal matters that need immediate attention, such as enabling a parent to attend a child’s school event or a meeting with teacher.


When the COVID-19 pandemic brought about unprecedented challenges for organisations worldwide, as an innovative technology company, Chan says through different digital platforms supervisors were able to ensure their co-workers were kept informed with up to date information. Furthermore, communication went beyond simply keeping the workforce informed. Through various means, including virtual meetings, the company underlined its values to ensure that staff at all levels felt supported and included in the company-wide resilience journey. “We strive to provide a positive and happy working environment for our employees, making their everyday life easier” Chan says, “This is our mission.”



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