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Your HR Tech Partner - Case Studies

By Cityray Technology (China) Limited (Sponsored Feature)

For over 30 years, a Japanese department store has been providing high-quality products and services to the people of Hong Kong. With a sincere and courteous approach, the store has built a reputation for exceptional customer service that has earned the loyalty and admiration of its customers throughout the years. Moreover, its business has constantly undergone reforms to become more trusted and beloved.


Managing Complicated Shift Schedules

Department stores often require a substantial number of employees to handle customer traffic during specific periods, such as holidays or promotional events. The HR department needs to enhance recruitment and management practices to ensure the qualifications and

efficiency of part-time staff. Moreover, the working hours and benefits of part-time employees must be effectively managed to ensure legality and fairness. Additionally, some employees need to work across different shifts or time slots to accommodate the operational requirements of department store. This poses significant challenges for HR in terms of scheduling and coordination. The HR department must develop appropriate scheduling plans to ensure sufficient staff coverage for each period.

Linking Variable Working Hours With Compensation

Employees in department stores experience fluctuations in working hours due to changes in

business demands. They may need to work extended hours or face variations in their schedules. It is crucial for HR to accurately record each employee's actual working hours to track their time effectively. This allows fair calculation of salaries, considering the link between pay and hours worked. HR needs to document the actual working hours to ensure employees' rights are protected and the company's operational needs are met.


Optimising HR Operations, Compliance, And Staff Scheduling

Cityray's IHRPLUS EVO 6.5 can store all staff master information, enabling HR to efficiently search and track the qualifications, contracts, and performance records of temporary workers. This ensures the quality and efficiency of part-time staff. Additionally, IHRPLUS EVO 6.5 offers powerful scheduling features, allowing HR to create and manage shift schedules, including work hours, vacation time, break time, and rotation arrangements. This ensures that there are sufficient employees scheduled for each time, meeting the operational needs of department store. The system also incorporates relevant labour regulations in Hong Kong, prompting HR to ensure compliance with statutory requirements and generating reports and analysis for monitoring and compliance purposes.

Automated Salary Calculations, And Employee Self-service

IHRPLUS EVO 6.5 allows HR to set salary structures and automatically calculate salaries based on employees' working hours. It also handles overtime work and special conditions, ensuring the appropriate payment of overtime allowances. The system generates relevant reports and records for review and auditing. IHRPLUS EVO 6.5 provides self-service empowers employees to manage and update personal information, leave request, and view schedules. This significantly reduces the HR department's workload.


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